Collaborative Procurement doesn’t have to exclude SMEs

We’ve just audited the number of our suppliers that meet the criteria for genuine small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our SMEs contribute a great deal not only to our Members, by providing high quality goods and services, but also to the economy.  Many of our Members find that levels of service and bespoke capability can often be bettered by those suppliers at the smaller end of the scale.

We’ve found that, of the 98 suppliers on framework agreements led by LUPC, 31 of them turn over less than 50m euros (or £42.2m) and employ fewer than 250 people.

We think that, for a collaborative buying consortium where our Members are used to enjoying the benefits and scale economies of our collective buying power, having just under one in three of our supplier community represented by SMEs is a statistic we can be proud of.

Of course, we value our relationships with larger businesses, too!  Remember, every single one of them has been through a rigorous, EU-compliant process.


About andydavieslupc

Andy is a career procurement professional with 25 years’ experience in both public and private sectors. After graduating in architecture at the University of Westminster, he spent ten years with London Underground, specialising in energy procurement and leading a project to bring private finance into the operation and renewal of LU’s power supply network. Having established a UK procurement function for a building materials group, Andy founded and led a 45-strong procurement function at a large local authority with an annual spend of £500m, where he led negotiations to establish a thriving and innovative joint venture company in educational support services. Spells with both the fire and police services saw Andy develop a specialism in collaborative procurement, which he brings to the job as Director of LUPC. Andy is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and has an MBA from Kingston Business School.
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